6 best cricket betting sites in India

Are you a cricket fan? Looking to add excitement to every match? Cricket is a popular sport worldwide. There are so many betting platforms in the market. Each offer exciting opportunities to bet on your favorite teams and players. 

These Cricket betting sites in India offer a thrilling way to engage with every match. Finding the right site might need some research. Don’t worry! We have done the legwork to bring you the top cricket betting sites. Let us explore the best platforms. Here, you can turn your cricket knowledge into winning bets! 


Indibet( is a popular platform for cricket betting enthusiasts. It offers a simple interface and covers almost all cricket events. It may include international matches and domestic leagues. Also it covers some major tournaments like the IPL. Indibet offers various promotions and bonuses. This improve the overall betting experience of users. Indibet has become the preferred choice for cricket fans with its simple user interface and reliable customer support. 

Features  Description 
Various cricket Markets Offers extensive betting options for various leagues and tournaments.
Live Betting Allows users to place bets in real-time during matches.
Simple and easy Navigation Simple interface designed for a smooth betting experience.


96in( is a favorite betting site for many. It covers cricket events from around the world. It covers test matches and ODIs. Also T20s and franchise leagues are covered here. The platform has an attractive design and easy navigation. This makes it accessible for both beginners and seasoned bettors. The site also provides regular promotions and bonuses. This adds value to the player’s betting experience. 

Features  Description 
In-Play Betting Bet on games as they happen with up-to-the-minute odds.
Vast Market Coverage Offers a number of leagues and tournaments.
Live Streaming Watch matches live within the app.


1Win is a dynamic betting site. It is particularly designed for cricket fans. The platform is known for its competitive odds and diverse betting markets. This lets users to place bets on various phases of the game. 1Win also provides live betting options and real-time updates. Players can utilize expert analyses to help users place informed bets. The site also features attractive promotions and bonuses. With secure payment methods and responsive customer support, 1Win ensures a smooth experience for cricket bettors.

Features  Description 
Attractive Bonuses Generous promotions and welcome bonuses for new users.
Smooth User Interface Smooth and intuitive design for easy navigation.
Live Streaming View matches live while placing bets.


MahadevBook is a dedicated betting platform. It has a strong focus on cricket. It offers extensive coverage of cricket events. It may include international matches and local leagues. It covers some major tournaments like the IPL. The site provides competitive odds and various betting markets. The live betting options make it a preferred choice for cricket enthusiasts. Players like the regular promotions and bonuses. The user-friendly interface and reliable customer support ensure an enjoyable journey for cricket bettors.  

Features  Description 
Detailed Match Statistics Access in-depth data and analysis for informed betting.
Live Score Updates Real-time updates on match progress and scores.
Variety of Betting Markets Various betting options for different leagues and tournaments.


Jannatbook247 is a reliable betting site. It places significant focus on cricket. It covers a range of cricket events. Users can find international matches to domestic leagues. It also covers some popular T20 tournaments. The platform offers competitive odds and live betting options. There is a variety of betting markets. Jannatbook247 provides real-time updates and detailed match statistics. This may improve the overall betting experience. With its simple UI design and dedicated customer support, Jannatbook247 ensures a smooth experience for cricket betting enthusiasts. 

Features  Description 
Live Betting Bet on matches as they unfold with real-time odds.
Easy Payment Methods Convenient and secure transaction options.
24/7 Customer Support Round-the-clock assistance for any queries or issues.


Fairplay is a renowned betting platform. It has a strong focus on cricket. It offers extensive coverage of cricket events, including major tournaments. Fairplay covers international fixtures and domestic leagues. The site provides competitive odds and live betting features for all players.  Its various betting markets cater to the needs of cricket fans. Fairplay also offers detailed match statistics and live scores. The expert analyses help users make informed bets. The platform features regular promotions and bonuses to improve the betting experience. Fairplay ensures an enjoyable journey for all the cricket bettors. 

Features  Description 
Large Market Coverage Offers betting options for multiple leagues, tournaments, and matches worldwide.
Live Streaming Provides the ability to watch live matches directly within the app. It improve the betting experience to next level.
Generous Bonuses Attractive welcome bonuses and regular promotions to boost your betting potential.  

Final words

When it comes to cricket, these are the best betting apps in the market. If you love to watch cricket, install these betting apps. Convert your cricket knowledge to potential earnings. Consider the apps mentioned above to make the right choice. 

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