Decode trick soccer betting odds and make big profits

There is no such thing as a trick bet on the house odds table, so why does the concept of trick soccer bets appear?

Many people wonder, “Is soccer betting a scam or not?” Actually, this is a kind of term to refer to some bets that are difficult to choose and easy to lose if you choose a more advantageous ratio. Understanding this term will give us an advantage in finding more good ways to play and increase the odds of winning when encountering this type of bet. To understand this issue, please follow the following content on

Cheated soccer betting is understood as a situation where the bookmaker does not comply with the agreements they make in order to appropriate the player’s money or limit their risks when the bettor wins. Usually, this comes from the house and not from the player because the platforms need players to deposit money in advance to limit risks.

In fact, the experience of soccer betting is already an entertaining game of higher chance. And these trick soccer betting tips are much more risky. But if you follow the rules of your predecessors who have successfully implemented these tips, you will have a 90% chance of the winning house bet!

The three most popular types of soccer betting tricks today

In trick bets, there will be 3 types of bets that are used the most by players, although this type of trick bet in soccer can only be used for teams playing at home:

  • Type 1: Odds 1 1/4

The over bet wins from 88 to 100, the under bet wins >86, and the over/under bet of 2 1/4 over wins 88 to 100 and the under >86. Playing under + under is common, the under will definitely win, and the under will have 1 or 2 losses. I always choose to play under.

  • Type 2: Odds 1 1/2

Overbet wins from 88 to 100; underbet wins >86; and over/under 2 1/2 over wins 88-100 under >86. Playing under + under normally means under will win tightly and under will have 1 or 2 losses. I also often choose to underplay.

  • Type 3: Odds 1 3/4

Overbet wins from 88 to 100 under wins >86, and Over/Under 2 3/4 over wins 88 to 100 under >86. Playing under + under is common; under is a full win and under is 1 or 2 lost matches. In short, to play the trick bet, you need to base on the high handicap bets over 1 1/4 and the over/under bet is only 1 more than the bet, then you should play as above.

What is a fake soccer betting bet?

To better understand the principles that help bettors easily win money from the house, let’s briefly learn about what soccer betting scams are.

Cheated soccer bets are bets where you use your own thinking and judgment, combined with the results of previous matches, to come up with a suitable bet.

This means that at this time we do not use bases such as odds, expert opinions, or even emotions. Just rely on the general rules of the results of previous bets to bet. If the bet is not in the cases where you think football is winning, then go back to applying other football betting methods.

The fastest way to win soccer betting

An effective betting budget management strategy

To manage their budget effectively, users need to exert effort and perseverance. Because if you choose the right door, you only have a 60% chance of winning. The methods below can help you manage your budget more easily and effectively.

A double bet: means betting on the next game to double the amount of the previous game to make a profit.

Bet 1-3-2-6 or bet 1-3-2-4: corresponds to the betting unit of 4 bets.

Bet maximum 2 bets per match, maximum 3 matches per day.

Bet up to 50–70% of the total capital/turn.

How to bet wisely

Staying alert before each link match is the key factor that determines your win or loss. When you are tired, you absolutely should not rush or be reckless, leading to wrong decisions when playing. In addition, you should never play all-in because the possibility of losing everything is extremely high. If you are losing too much betting, you should stop and wait for luck to come back before playing again.

Choose effective bets

Choosing the upper or lower bet in each match is extremely important after you have made the correct bet. Predict the bookmaker’s assessment of the upcoming match and then make a decision. From there, you can make the most optimal choice, which is decisive for the betting match. As follows:

The strong team playing away from home has a handicap of 1/2 to 1 goal. If the number of handicaps is smaller, it means that the force will be evenly matched, so we choose the underdog.

If the two teams have equal performance and ability, you should choose the home team and place a bet on the ball.

The handicap ratio is reduced by 1 to 3/4, but with the ratio increasing before the match, the underdog winning is definitely more appreciated, so you need to choose the underdog.

In case the handicap ratio decreases and the winning ratio also decreases, the handicap ratio increases along with the winnings. At this time, you should choose the rest of the team.

Usually, we see that as the odds increase, the winnings also increase. Combined with the decreasing odds, the winnings will also decrease deeply. When the odds increase and the winnings decrease, you should choose the other team.

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