How can an Indian Woman Achieve Success in Society?

Despite rising levels of women’s education and literacy, only a quarter of India’s female population is employed in the labor market. According to economists, if women in India were included in the economy, India’s GDP per capita would increase by 30% – 32%. According to surveys, Indian women want to work – about 40% of housewives admit that they would like to get additional income and participate in social life.

It is hard to change the situation – according to Indian tradition, girls are not sent to schools and universities but are raised at home. Then they go to the husband’s family. No matter how tempting the economic prospects may seem, Indian families are not ready to send their daughters to a foreign city, and many consider this a dishonor.

What is the Main Destiny of Indian Women?

For many centuries, the main mission of Indian women has been motherhood. It is believed that a woman is the concentration of the most active natural forces. This gives her the ability to create comfort and family happiness, which fully develops after marriage. Naturally, married Indian women are mostly housewives. By the way, many gambling providers actively use this. For example, games for female audiences are necessarily released in India first. This is hardly an accident – more like a well-thought-out strategy. In general, according to Gamblorium experts, India is a very gambling country. Nodar Giorgadze, the team’s head author, emphasizes that £2 deposit casinos will be the best solution for gambling people, as they provide frequent gaming sessions and proper bankroll distribution.

Indian women get married early, raising their spouse to almost a divine ideal. They give their husbands all the energy and time and concentrate on their desires. Any Indian married woman will happily put on makeup and adorn herself for her husband, remaining completely uncommunicative in the presence of other men. It often surprises Europeans unfamiliar with local customs. It is for him that they dye the parting between their hair red and learn to sing and dance. From childhood, girls are raised in such a way that they strive to get married. They identify their betrothed as their inseparable half, without whom life will lose its true meaning.

Can an Indian Woman Achieve Professional Success?

Yes, she can! For example, Indian entrepreneur Ameera Shah was able to turn a small private medical laboratory into a business worth almost a billion dollars. Thanks to her commitment, Ameera Shah was included in Forbes India’s Tycoons of Tomorrow and Business Today’s list of India’s Most Powerful Women. Nevertheless, Indian women achieve business success through determination, perseverance, and the ability to overcome sociocultural barriers.

Education & Family Support

As you know, education is the key to career success. Thus, every year, more and more Indian women are receiving higher education. In addition, they undergo additional educational courses in various areas – technical sciences, management, finance, etc. This allows them to compete in the labor market and build their own businesses.

Meanwhile, family support and sociocultural context are also vital. In India, family is of great importance for each man and woman. Support from relatives and spouses can significantly contribute to women’s business success. For example, Ameera Shah was born into the family of hereditary doctors and received a good education. However, even though medicine surrounded Ameera from childhood, she decided to study finance. At the age of 21, she worked at the famous bank Goldman Sachs in New York. In 2001, she returned to India to help her father run his business. Fortunately, currently, many families in India have become more open to the idea of women running businesses. So, it encourages female entrepreneurial activity.

Professional Communication & Fast Adaptation

Women in India often turn to networks of women entrepreneurs and business clubs where they can share experiences and receive support from peers. This expands their professional horizons and offers new business opportunities. Moreover, Indian women feature great adaptive skills. They can adapt to changing market conditions and manage their enterprises. This is about information technology, medicine, fashion, agriculture, etc. Besides, they use modern technologies and social networks to promote their businesses.

In Indian culture, a woman is still assigned the role of mother and homemaker. Moreover, as a rule, her life is completely dependent on a man. However, in the last few years, there has been open talk in the country about domestic and sexual violence, arranged marriages, and the fact that women should study and work (if they want to). 

Women are increasingly striving to earn money on their own. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for such a surge in physical violence from men who cannot come to terms with the collapse of traditions. By the way, Indian women have recently been actively fighting against domestic violence. The Internet and social media have changed their worldview, and many violent incidents have become the center of public attention.

So, Indian women can achieve business heights, have their own stable income, and feel great in society. However, for this, they need appropriate education, family support, adaptation, networking, and modern technology. Those who can overcome stereotypes and socio-cultural barriers can succeed within the entrepreneurial scene.

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