Ultimate Guide on How to Delete Photos from iCloud: Step-by-Step Instructions and Tips

Deleting photos from iCloud can be a great way to free up storage space and keep your photo library organized. Whether you’re decluttering or need to remove specific images, this guide will provide you with detailed steps on how to delete photos from iCloud across various devices.

iCloud Photo Management

Before learning how to delete photos from iCloud, it’s important to understand how iCloud manages photos. iCloud Photo Library syncs your images across all connected devices, so deleting a photo from iCloud will remove it from all devices. Ensure you truly want the photos deleted everywhere before proceeding.

Preparing to Delete Photos

Prior to deleting, consider backing up photos you might want to keep. Understand that once deleted from iCloud, these photos are not easily recoverable. Check your current iCloud storage to see how much space you are using and how much you can potentially free up.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud on iPhone and iPad

To delete photos from iCloud using an iPhone or iPad, open the Photos app, select the photos or videos you wish to delete, tap the trash icon, and confirm the deletion. These changes will sync across all devices connected to your iCloud account.

Deleting Photos from iCloud on a Mac

On a Mac, open the Photos app, choose the photos or videos you want to remove, right-click and select “Delete” or press the delete key. Confirm the deletion to remove the photos from iCloud and all synchronized devices.

Using to Delete Photos

If you don’t have access to your Apple devices, you can still delete photos from iCloud via Log in with your Apple ID, navigate to the Photos section, select the images, and click the trash icon. Confirm to delete the selected items from your iCloud storage.

Managing Large Batches of Photos

For those looking to delete large batches of photos from iCloud, use the “Select” feature on your device to select multiple photos quickly. On a Mac, you can use the Command key to select multiple items or click and drag to select a group of photos.

What Happens After Deleting Photos from iCloud?

Understand that deleted photos will move to the “Recently Deleted” folder, staying there for 30 days before permanent deletion. You can recover them during this period if you change your mind.

Tips for Efficient iCloud Photo Management

Regularly review your photo library to avoid unnecessary storage costs. Use albums and tags to organize photos, making it easier to manage and identify which photos to delete from iCloud when needed.

How to Prevent Photos from Uploading to iCloud

If you prefer not to have your photos automatically uploaded to iCloud, you can change your settings. On your iOS device, go to Settings, tap Photos, and turn off the iCloud Photos option. This stops new photos from being uploaded.


Knowing how to delete photos from iCloud helps you manage your digital space and keeps your photo collection neat. Always double-check before deleting important memories, and utilize iCloud’s features to maintain a well-organized photo library. By following these steps, you can effectively manage your iCloud photo storage and ensure your digital memories are preserved the way you want.


  • Will deleting photos from my iPhone also delete them from iCloud?

Yes, if iCloud Photos is enabled, deleting photos from your iPhone will also remove them from iCloud and all synced devices.

  • Can I recover photos after deleting them from iCloud?

Yes, deleted photos go to the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days, where you can recover them if needed.

  • How can I stop photos from automatically uploading to iCloud?

To stop automatic uploads, go to Settings on your iOS device, tap Photos, and disable the iCloud Photos option.

  • Is there a way to delete photos from iCloud without affecting other devices?

No, deleting photos from iCloud will remove them from all devices where iCloud Photos is enabled.

  • How long do photos stay in the iCloud “Recently Deleted” folder?

Photos remain in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

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