How to Share iCloud Storage with Family

Sharing iCloud storage with family is a fantastic way to manage costs and ensure everyone has access to ample storage space without purchasing separate plans. This guide will walk you through the process of how to share iCloud storage with your family, covering each step and providing practical tips to make the most of this feature.

iCloud Family Sharing

Before you learn how to share iCloud storage with family, it’s important to understand what Family Sharing is. This feature allows up to six family members to share iTunes & App Store purchases, Apple subscriptions, and an iCloud storage plan without sharing accounts.

Eligibility Requirements

To share iCloud storage with your family, you need to meet certain requirements. All family members must have their own Apple ID, and the organizer’s device must be compatible with the latest iOS, macOS, or iPadOS.

Choosing the Right iCloud Storage Plan

Before setting up Family Sharing, you need to select an appropriate iCloud storage plan. The 200GB and 2TB plans are the only options that support family sharing, making them perfect for families looking to manage their storage needs collectively.

Setting Up Family Sharing

To share iCloud storage with family, start by setting up Family Sharing. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, go to Settings, tap your name, and then choose ‘Family Sharing’. From there, follow the prompts to add family members to your group.

Inviting Family Members to Share Storage

After setting up Family Sharing, you can invite family members to share your iCloud storage. Navigate to the Family Sharing settings and select ‘iCloud Storage’ to send an invitation to each family member.

Managing Shared iCloud Storage

Once you have started to share iCloud storage with family, it’s crucial to manage it effectively. Keep tabs on how much storage is being used and by whom. This helps in ensuring that no single member uses an unfair proportion of the storage space.

Shared Data Types

When you share iCloud storage with family, all members can store their own files, photos, backups, and documents independently. However, personal data like emails, contacts, and calendars are not shared among family members.

Benefits of Sharing iCloud Storage with Family

Sharing iCloud storage with your family is cost-effective and ensures that everyone has access to secure and ample storage. It’s also convenient for managing data backups and sharing large files within the family group.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When sharing iCloud storage with family, you might encounter issues such as not having enough storage or difficulty in setting up. Regularly reviewing your storage plan and ensuring all family members have accepted the invitation can help mitigate these issues.


Learning how to share iCloud storage with family can significantly enhance your and your family’s Apple experience. It’s not only cost-effective but also allows for seamless management of storage among multiple users. With the steps provided, you can set up Family Sharing and enjoy the benefits of a collective iCloud storage plan.


1. Can we share iCloud storage without Family Sharing?

No, iCloud storage can only be shared through the Family Sharing feature, which allows you to share a 200GB or 2TB plan with your family.

2. How do I know if my family members are using too much iCloud storage?

You can view the storage usage of each family member in the iCloud Storage section under Family Sharing settings on your device.

3. What happens to my data if I leave a family group?

If you leave a family group, you will stop sharing the storage plan and will need to subscribe to a new iCloud storage plan to keep your data in iCloud.

4. Can family members see my personal files in iCloud?

No, each family member’s files, documents, and backups remain private. Family Sharing only shares the storage space, not the data.

5. What if our family needs more than the shared iCloud storage?

If your family requires more storage, the organizer can upgrade to a higher-capacity plan, such as the 2TB plan, to accommodate your family’s needs.

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