The Best Monsoon Fruits and Vegetables to Add Your Grocery Basket Now

Eating according to the seasons is an effective way to eat fresh, specifically during the monsoon or rainy season when everybody falls sick. You must ideally add enough fruits and vegetables to your diet when this weather arrives. We know that going out and buying these essentials to keep our health intact in this weather is quite problematic. But, no worries, there are a number of online shops that offer various fruits and vegetables in the rainy season with same-day grocery delivery options.

So, in this post, you will find more about the fruits and vegetables that should make their way into your pantry.

Fruits and Vegetables that You Should Eat During Monsoon

The monsoon season brings plenty of bacterial infections that can affect an individual’s body and complete health. The majority of infections are identified by the foods we take up in the rainy season. If you wish to know which vegetables and fruits to buy at the online grocery store, then this list will help you a lot.

Top Fruits To Consume in Stormy Weather

1. Litchi

Litchi is an Indian monsoon fruit that grows well in the season because of its rich water content. This juicy fruit can help the body fight off the common cold, digestion problems, and acidity. Additionally, it is a well-known immune booster as well. Apart from that, this fruit is readily available at online stores with a timely grocery delivery option. You only have to add this item to your shopping basket and select the time slot in which you wish to get it delivered.

2. Plums

Eating plums in the rainy season is a good way to increase immunity and prevent monsoon-related health problems. Plums are high in vitamins C and K, potassium, fibre, and copper. They are a must-eat all through this season for offering overall health and immunity benefits. Also, they can help with small issues like constipation.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of plums without going out in the cloudy and stormy weather, pick up your mobile phone, order this staple online and have this grocery delivered directly to your doorstep.

3. Apple

There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is because the fruit includes all of the nutrients essential for keeping up a healthy body. While consuming apples is advantageous to the body the whole year, it is specifically beneficial in stormy weather. Apples are good for bones, skin, brain, and nervous system. Apples are considered the most ideal monsoon fruits for individuals of all ages.

4. Jamun or Indian Blackberry

Jamun is one more superfood that is beneficial for diabetic people as it assists in regulating blood sugar levels. It is also advantageous in the rainy season because it can treat gastric issues very well, which are normal in this kind of weather. People who consume this fruit can see changes in their blood flow, in addition to liver and kidney functions. 

5. Mangoes

Many people do not consider mangoes as fruits of the rainy season, even though some varieties are grown during this season. Enjoying mangoes all through stormy weather is quintessential, as the increased levels of vitamin C help develop immunity next to common seasonal diseases. Mangoes are also used in skincare to improve skin tone and glowing skin.

If you wish to improve your immune system and stay in the best health condition in the stormy season, it is time for you to order mangoes online and get on-time grocery delivery for your favourite fruit.

Best Rainy Season Vegetables To Add to Your Diet

Here are some essential veggies that you should add to your grocery list in order to boost your health and immune system.

1. Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd, also called lauki, has long been considered one of the finest and healthiest vegetables available in the stormy season. It is rich in soluble and insoluble edible fibre, which helps in keeping a good digestive tract. Apart from that, it has iron and vitamins B and C, which increases anti-oxidative properties. It is also a low-calorie vegetable, which is beneficial in keeping your stomach light. 

So get ready to shop and make a list! Effortless grocery delivery has made many things easier for us; now, we can order our daily essentials through online stores and get them to our comfort place within a less feasible time. 

2. Beetroot

As beetroot is rich in manganese, vitamin C, fibre, potassium, and iron, it is a powerhouse of nutrition. We can eat it daily as soup, juice, and salad to attain health benefits like increased blood circulation and regulated blood pressure. Due to its powerful immunity levels, it is a key vegetable to eat throughout the rainy season.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a fruit broadly used as a vegetable and are available in almost every cuisine. Eating tomatoes is the best way to stay active and healthy during the rainy season when immunity is generally weak. Tomatoes are very easy to grow at home or buy from different online grocery stores with easy grocery delivery at home. Tomatoes’ rich levels of vitamins C and K and antioxidants assist in protecting the body from common monsoon-related health issues.

4. Radish

By being available in many sizes, shapes, and colours, radish helps in easy digestion, hydration, and regulating blood pressure. The abundance of vitamin C in radish improves immunity while also promoting tissue repair and development. Eating a radish can benefit you by resisting the common flu and cold, which are recurrent during the monsoon weather.

Now that you know about the vegetables that can keep your immunity boosted, it is time to scroll through the online store to order these monsoon staples and get your grocery delivery on time. You will significantly benefit if you eat healthy to keep all the infections and health problems at bay.


As we know, the monsoon season brings relief from the scorching heat but also spreads bacteria and viruses. So, when you relish the rain, remember to eat healthy and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, if you don’t find any good produce or are short on time, you can keep the list of the above items handy and order online using Swiggy Instamart and have your groceries delivered to your home.

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