Ultimate Guide on How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from iCloud

Losing your precious photos can be distressing, especially if they are permanently deleted. However, with iCloud, you have a few avenues to potentially recover these photos. This blog post will explore how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud, ensuring you have the best chance to retrieve your lost memories.

1. Understand iCloud Photo Deletion

Firstly, it’s important to understand what happens when photos are deleted from iCloud. When you delete a photo from iCloud Photos, it goes into the “Recently Deleted” folder, where it stays for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Knowing this can be crucial in planning how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud.

2. Check the Recently Deleted Album

Before assuming your photos are permanently lost, check the Recently Deleted album on your iCloud. This is your first checkpoint in the recovery process. Photos can be recovered from here within 30 days of deletion, giving you a straightforward way to recover your photos without much hassle.

3. Recovering from an iCloud Backup

If the photos are no longer in the Recently Deleted album, the next step in how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud is to restore your device from an older iCloud backup. This assumes that the backup occurred before the photos were deleted.

4. Using Third-Party Software

There are several third-party applications available that can assist in recovering deleted data, including photos that are no longer accessible through iCloud. Software like EaseUS MobiSaver, PhoneRescue, or Dr.Fone can sometimes help recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud.

5. Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried the above methods without success, it might be time to contact Apple Support. They can provide further guidance on how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud and let you know if there are any additional recovery options available based on your specific situation.

6. Prevention: Enable iCloud Backup

To prevent future losses, make sure that iCloud Backup is enabled on your device. This will automatically back up your photos along with other data, which can be a lifesaver when it comes to recovery. Understanding how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud starts with good preventative measures.

7. Check Other Devices

Sometimes, the photos you think are lost might still be accessible on other devices that are linked to your iCloud account but have not yet synced the deletion. Before fully committing to recovery methods, check all possible devices where the iCloud account is logged in.

8. Using Time Machine on Mac

For Mac users, if you have been using Time Machine to back up your Mac, you might be able to recover your permanently deleted iCloud photos from these backups. This method depends on having backups made before the deletion of the photos.

9. Legal Recovery Options

In some rare cases, such as legal disputes or police investigations, it might be possible to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud through legal requests to Apple. This is typically pursued in more serious circumstances and requires legal authority.

10. Accepting Data Loss

Sometimes, despite all efforts, it might not be possible to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud. It’s important to come to terms with data loss and consider using this experience as a learning point to set up more robust data protection in the future.


The pain of losing precious memories like photos can be mitigated by knowing how to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud. By following these tips, you can maximize the chances of recovering your lost photos. Always remember to maintain regular backups and handle your data with care to minimize the chances of permanent data loss.


Q1: How long do I have to recover photos from the Recently Deleted album in iCloud?

You have 30 days to recover photos from the Recently Deleted album before they are permanently deleted from iCloud.

Q2: Can I recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud after 30 days?

After 30 days, photos are permanently deleted from the Recently Deleted folder, but you might still recover them through iCloud backups if they were included before the deletion.

Q3: Are third-party recovery tools safe to use for recovering iCloud data?

While many third-party recovery tools are safe, always choose reputable software with good reviews to ensure the security of your data.

Q4: What should I do if none of the recovery methods work?

If no recovery methods work, it’s important to contact Apple Support for further assistance and explore any other potential recovery options they might suggest.

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