How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive Instead of iCloud

Many iPhone users prefer to use Google Drive over iCloud for various reasons, including familiarity with Google services or simply having more storage space available. If you’re looking to learn how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud, this guide will provide you with detailed instructions and helpful tips.

Why Choose Google Drive Over iCloud?

Understanding why to choose Google Drive for backing up WhatsApp instead of iCloud is crucial. Google Drive often offers more free storage space than iCloud and integrates seamlessly with other Google services. This section discusses the benefits of using Google Drive for iPhone users.

Prerequisites for Backing Up to Google Drive

Before you start the process to backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive, there are a few prerequisites you need to fulfill, such as having a valid Google account and ensuring both your WhatsApp and Google Drive apps are up to date.

Installing Necessary Apps

To backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud, you’ll need to install certain apps that facilitate this process. This part guides you through installing and setting up the required applications on your iPhone.

Setting Up Google Drive on Your iPhone

For those new to using Google Drive on an iPhone, this segment provides a step-by-step approach to downloading, installing, and configuring Google Drive, which is essential for backing up your WhatsApp messages.

Creating a Backup Using Third-Party Apps

Since WhatsApp on iPhone does not natively support backup to Google Drive, using third-party apps is necessary. Here, we explore how to use apps like Dr.Fone and iTransor to backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive.

Step-by-Step Guide to Backup WhatsApp Using Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is a popular third-party application used for backing up WhatsApp messages from iPhones to Google Drive. This section includes a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to use Dr.Fone to perform the backup effectively.

Restoring WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone

Once your backup is safely stored in Google Drive, knowing how to restore it to your iPhone or another device is crucial. This part explains the restoration process, ensuring you can access your messages whenever you need to switch devices.

Managing Your Google Drive Storage

Backing up data regularly can consume a significant amount of storage. This section offers tips on how to manage your Google Drive storage effectively, helping you keep your cloud space uncluttered and organized.

Alternatives to Google Drive for WhatsApp Backup

For users who might seek alternatives to Google Drive for various reasons, this part discusses other cloud services like Dropbox or OneDrive that can also be used to backup WhatsApp on iPhone.


Learning how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud offers flexibility and integrates your WhatsApp backup into the broader ecosystem of Google services. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using third-party tools, you can ensure that your WhatsApp data is safely backed up to Google Drive, ready to be restored whenever you switch devices or need to recover data.


  1. Is it possible to directly backup WhatsApp data from iPhone to Google Drive without third-party apps?
    • No, WhatsApp on iPhone does not currently support direct backup to Google Drive. Third-party apps are required to facilitate this process.
  2. What are the best third-party apps for backing up WhatsApp to Google Drive?
    • Dr.Fone and iTransor for WhatsApp are highly recommended due to their reliability and ease of use for transferring WhatsApp data from iPhone to Google Drive.
  3. How secure is it to use third-party apps for WhatsApp backup?
    • It is generally safe to use reputable third-party apps like Dr.Fone and iTransor; however, always ensure you download them from legitimate sources and check user reviews and privacy policies.
  4. Can I access my WhatsApp backup on Google Drive directly from my iPhone?
    • You cannot directly view WhatsApp backup files on Google Drive as they are encrypted. The backup is meant for restoration purposes only.
  5. How often should I backup my WhatsApp data to Google Drive?
    • It depends on how frequently you use WhatsApp and how critical your conversations are. Regular backups, such as weekly or biweekly, are recommended to ensure that you don’t lose recent messages.

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