How to Increase iCloud Storage for Free

Many Apple users find themselves needing more storage space as their digital content grows. This blog post explores several strategies on how to increase iCloud storage for free, ensuring that you can manage your data without needing to upgrade to a paid plan.

Your Current Usage

Firstly, to increase your iCloud storage for free, it’s important to understand how your current storage is being used. On your iOS device, navigate to Settings, click your name, and then tap on iCloud to see a breakdown of your storage. Identifying what takes up the most space can help you target specific areas for cleanup.

Delete Unnecessary Files

A direct method to increase iCloud storage for free is by deleting unneeded files. Look through your iCloud Drive and Photos, and remove outdated documents, old photos, and videos that are no longer necessary. Regularly cleaning out your iCloud can significantly free up space.

Manage Your Photo Library

Photos often consume a substantial portion of iCloud storage. To manage this, consider using the “Optimize Storage” option on your iPhone or iPad, which replaces full-resolution photos and videos with smaller versions on your device while keeping the originals in iCloud.

Clear Old Device Backups

Another effective way to increase iCloud storage for free is to delete old device backups that are no longer needed. In your iCloud settings, review the backups for devices you no longer use or need and remove these to free up space.

Clean Up Your Mail

If you use your iCloud account for email, your inbox can be a significant user of space. To increase iCloud storage for free, regularly clean out your email by deleting large attachments and emptying the trash folder.

Review App Data

Apps can store unnecessary data in iCloud. Check which apps are using the most space and consider whether you need these apps to back up to iCloud. Disabling unnecessary backups can save a lot of space.

Utilize Other Cloud Services

To increase iCloud storage for free, you might consider using other cloud services for specific types of data. Services like Google Drive or Dropbox can offer additional free storage options, which can help offload some of your storage needs from iCloud.

Archive Data on Your Computer

Archiving old files to your computer is another way to increase iCloud storage for free. Periodically move files from iCloud to your PC or Mac to keep your iCloud storage from filling up. This is especially useful for large documents and media files.

Use iCloud Sharing

Family Sharing allows you to share purchases and iCloud storage within a family group. If one member has excess storage, this can be shared across the group, effectively increasing your iCloud storage without additional cost.

Educate Yourself on iCloud Storage Management

Finally, understanding how to manage iCloud storage effectively can naturally lead to better storage practices. Apple offers many resources and tips on how to manage storage, which can help prevent your iCloud from filling up quickly.


While Apple does not offer a direct way to increase iCloud storage for free beyond the initial 5 GB, using the strategies outlined in this guide can help you manage and optimize your existing space effectively. Regular maintenance and being mindful of what you store in iCloud are key to maximizing your free storage.


1. How can I check how much free iCloud storage I have left?

To check your remaining iCloud storage, go to Settings, tap on your name, and select iCloud. The graph at the top shows your used and available storage.

2. Can I get more than 5 GB of iCloud storage for free?

Apple only provides 5 GB of iCloud storage for free. To increase it beyond this limit, you need to either manage your storage more effectively or purchase a higher storage plan.

3. Is there a way to automatically manage iCloud storage?

The “Optimize Storage” feature for photos and iCloud Drive can help manage your storage automatically by storing less accessed items in the cloud and keeping recent files locally.

4. What happens if I turn off iCloud backups for certain apps?

Turning off iCloud backups for apps means that data from those apps will not be updated in iCloud, which can save space but means you won’t have backups for that app data.

5. Can deleting texts and messages help increase iCloud storage for free?

Yes, messages, especially those with attachments, can take up significant space. Regularly deleting old messages and turning off backups for messages can help free up iCloud storage.

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